Take care of your dessert

Thank you for trusting Crumbs Mia, Please read the following instructions to make sure your dessert is safe during transportation and pay carefully attention to how to handle your dessert at the final destination.

1. Make sure to transport your dessert in the floor or flattest part of your vehicle,Your seats are NOT a safe place to transport any Crumbs Mia dessert.

2. While your drive to your final destination please be aware that every bump in the road can damage your dessert, so please drive carefully, theres no hurry !

3. Take your dessert as soon as you can to the final destination, remember most part of our desserts need refrigeration, however before eating your dessert take it out of the fridge at least 2 hours ( excludes pavlovas and pies)

4.Please keep your dessert in a fresh place, the heat and sun can damage, melt and spoiled your dessert.

We work everyday to deliver and to make sure you receive the finest products, enjoy your dessert.